Study on Evaluation Methods of Skin Feel Panel Coating

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    With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people's demands for spiritual life are getting higher and higher. The furniture made of skin feel panel can create a comfortable and quiet living environment and give people a pleasant interaction. It satisfies people's emotional needs for furniture to a certain extent.
    The reason for skin feel is that there are special artificial materials on the surface of objects, which can produce a sensory feeling similar to infant soft skin when touching.
    Although the superior interactive performance of skin feel panel has attracted widespread attention from consumers, furniture industries and related researchers, most of researches focus on the development and production of skin feel panel coating.The production of skin feel panel coating, evaluation methods and other systems need to be further improved.

1. Production of Skin Feel Panel Coating
    The production methods of the skin feel panel coating includes film pressing and paint coating.
    The film pressing method is to precoat the surface of substrate panel,then press the film with a skin-feeling effect on the coating, and then finish curing through a UV curing machine, remove the film to make the coating layer.The surface has a certain wrinkle texture.However,the skin feel performance is limited because the whole process is complex and the final effect might fluctuate for the quality of skin feel film.
   The paint coating method applies paint to the surface of furniture panels by traditional painting methods such as brushing and spraying.This procedure is similar to traditional furniture painting but then the coating of skin feel furniture is wrinkled to be skin feelng by excimer lamp or pre-curing technology.The paint coating method is currently a primary method to produce skin feel panel.It is simple in operation,excellent in formability and controllable in performance.
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2. Research on the Evaluation Index of Skin Feel 
(1). Surface roughness (2) Hot and cold sense (thermal conductivity) (3) Gloss (4)Sensory evaluation (5)Gloss retention performance
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3. Conclusion
    Furniture plays an important role in creating a good living environment,and the furniture made by skin feel panel meets people's needs for comfortable interactions to a certain extent.Recently, there are few studies on skin feel panel,and the production and evaluation mechanism of skin feel panel coating is still in a preliminary research stage. With the help of modern advanced manufacturing technology,we can accurately manufacture skin feel furniture on a large scale,which will lay the foundation for its wide application in people's life,work,and study in the future.

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